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Security Locks at Building Doors

In recent years, the Alexander School District has taken measures to reduce school violence and increase student safety by strengthening physical security, adopting “no tolerance” policies, establishing connections with local law enforcement and offering violence prevention and safety programs to students.

As a result of staff changes, changes in the student population and the endless comings and goings of visitors on a daily basis, public schools have chosen to increase their physical security in a variety of ways. Many schools have started to limit access to their property by locking all unmonitored entrances and requiring visitors to check in at the main office.

In an effort to be proactive and consistent with the schools in our region, the Alexander PTA has provided generous support to help the District further “secure” our campus.


After the school day has begun, all exterior doors will be locked and visitors will need to be “buzzed in” at the Main Entrance of either school building.

Once visitors enter the building, they will be expected to sign in at the Main Office and will receive a visitor’s badge (and further directions about finding their destination if needed).

As parents, we are confident that everyone would agree that nothing is more important than our children’s safety. This collaborative initiative is one that we believe will cause minimal disruption to parents/visitors and is a responsible measure for enhancing the safety of our students. If you have any questions, please contact the Main Office at 591-1551.

Thank you