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Concussion Documentation

Alexander Central School
Return To Play Policy
Following a Head Injury
An athlete who has been diagnosed with a concussion or has suffered a head injury must be medically cleared, in writing to return to participate by the athlete’s family physician and the school’s physician.

The cornerstone of proper concussion management is rest until all symptoms resolve and then a graded program of exertion before a return to the sport.

An athlete that has been diagnosed with a concussion or is determined to be suffering from concussion like systems must follow the following Six Step Return to Play process outline below:
  1. No exertional activity until asymptomatic and cleared to return by physician.
  2. Light aerobic exercise such as walking or stationary bike, etc. No resistance training.
  3. Sport specific exercises such as running, skating, etc. Progressive addition of resistance training may begin
  4. Non-Contact training/skill drills.
  5. Full contact training in practice setting(following medical clearance)
  6. Return to competition/play.
Only one of the six steps can be covered in a day.

If any concussion symptoms recur, the athlete should drop back to the previous level and try to progress after 24 hours of rest.

The student-athlete should also be monitored for recurrence of symptoms due to mental exertion, such as reading, working on a computer, taking a test, etc.

The ultimate decision for return to play for a concussed athlete, if deemed necessary, will be made by Alexander Central School’s physician.