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Dear Alexander Families,


Greek philosopher Heraclitus remarked that the only constant in life is change.  Heraclitus was certainly correct in his assertion. Think of the changes that happen each year - change in grade level, change in seasons, change in the weather.  We celebrate births and birthdays. We mourn the passing of beloved family and friends. We send our dear children off to kindergarten and off to college. Whether we are ready for change or like change, we can be sure that change is constant.


At Alexander, we’ve experienced quite a few staff changes over the summer.  Some of our staff left for the job of their dreams or for jobs that represented their next professional step.  Some of our staff left for out of state positions - pursuing the opportunity for a change in landscape. Some of our staff left to meet family obligations.  Regardless of reason, we thank and celebrate our staff who have left Alexander. Our community is stronger for having learned with these teachers, administrators and staff.


Needless to say, a significant part of the summer was hiring dynamic, student-centered teachers, administrators and staff to join our Alexander team.  For our positions, we involved a variety of stakeholders in our interview processes. The voice of our school community is essential to the work that happens in Alexander every day and that voice is honored when we gather community members together to participate in important decision making.  A special thank you to our teachers, staff, administrators, students, parents and Board members who participated in our processes. Even though change can be hard, the lift is made easier when we work together as a team.


As we look out the window this fall at the magnificence of the changing leaves that signals the transition from summer to winter, remember that with change comes an opportunity for gratitude and perspective.  In every change, there’s abundant possibility. Enjoy the fall!


With thanks~

Dr. Huber



Alexander Goals 2017-2021

Teaching and Learning

Learning Environment

All Students will read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade.

All students will demonstrate increased levels of proficiency and mastery on standardized measures.

All administrators/faculty/staff will engage in collaborative processes to move the work of the District forward.

All administrators/faculty/staff will focus on creating the conditions for student engagement.

Our technology infrastructure will continue to evolve in order to support teaching, learning, and collaboration.

Policy review work will ensure fair and consistent organizational practices.

Fiscally responsible budgets will be developed to support the work of our District.

Our next capital project will be planned and initiated.