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Dear Alexander Families,


Winter surprises me every year.  Even though I’ve lived in Western New York for most of my life, I am still stunned by the first measurable snow.  I wonder at just how cold I can be when I need to scrape my car, shovel my driveway or even pump gas - especially when I can only find one glove!  I still clench my steering wheel on icy, snowy patches of road even though I’ve driven far and wide through many winters for many years. Actually, I’m not much better when the thermometer reaches 95 degrees with 100% humidity.  I feel unsteady. I feel unwell. I force myself to remember that at least the extreme heat isn’t snow. In short, I’m not a fan of extremes.


Here’s the thing...the outside temperatures, the seemingly never ending snow or the mind boggling humidity are simply external factors over which I have absolutely no control.  Think about the circle of influence/circle of concern that I shared in the Fall 2018 newsletter. I can’t do anything about the weather but I can certainly do something about my attitude and my perspective with relation to the weather.  When I’m driving through a snowy night, I take time to notice the beauty of the sparkly, snow covered landscape. On particularly difficult drives, I focus on how grateful I am for a reliable car and that I have a warm home not far away that I know I will get to safely.  When the temperature spikes, I am grateful for the seasons. I am grateful that it isn’t snowing. I focus on how adaptable we are as humans to be able to function in different conditions and different situations. I can’t do anything about the snow or the humidity but I can do an awful lot about my attitude.


Our focus on kindness throughout the District this year is all about attitude.  How will each of us actively choose to carry kindness with us through the dark, snowy days of winter and throughout the year?  How will we choose kindness when the easier choice is to cut someone down or to spread a hurtful rumor? How will we stand up when someone says something unkind and ask that person to reconsider the comment through the lens of kindness?  How will we choose kindness? If each of us extended a kind word, a smile or a helping hand to someone everyday, we could make sure that kindness was a habit for all members of the Alexander community. What a difference a simple act of kindness can make.


With thanks~

Dr. Huber

Alexander Goals 2017-2021

Teaching and Learning

Learning Environment

All Students will read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade.

All students will demonstrate increased levels of proficiency and mastery on standardized measures.

All administrators/faculty/staff will engage in collaborative processes to move the work of the District forward.

All administrators/faculty/staff will focus on creating the conditions for student engagement.

Our technology infrastructure will continue to evolve in order to support teaching, learning, and collaboration.

Policy review work will ensure fair and consistent organizational practices.

Fiscally responsible budgets will be developed to support the work of our District.

Our next capital project will be planned and initiated.


Dr. Huber

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